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I love music.  Do you?  Here's a place where you can listen to songs or even play your own!




Sing-Along Songs

Follow the bouncing ball and you can sing-along with over 100 fun songs!.  My older kids love learning the words, and my two year-old loves the bouncing dog on the song BINGO.  

(Please note that it only works with Internet Explorer, so if you're using Netscape, you can try some of the other things on this page!)

Click here to Sing-Along!! 


Play a Piano

Here's a little piano you can play by clicking the keys with your mouse, or with the keys on your computer.  I'll also show you how to play the song "Jesus Loves Me" and you can try playing your own songs, too!

Click here to Play a Piano!!


Jesus Loves Me

Some kids have never heard the song "Jesus Loves Me."  In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people who live in countries where they've never even seen a church.  So I asked the kids at Vacation Bible School to sing it for you.  

Click here to listen to "Jesus Loves Me!!"
(requires RealPlayer, which you can download for free from
- ask your parents first before downloading 
anything from the Internet!)

And if you've already heard it, I'll bet you've never heard it backwards!  (Of course, Jesus loves you forwards and backwards).

Click here to listen to "Jesus Loves Me" in Reverse!!


Eric's Songs

I've also written some songs on the piano.  These are very quiet and nice if you've had a bad day, or just want some nice music to listen to.  

Listen to Eric's songs



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