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Play a Piano

Wait for the piano to load (it might take a minute or two), then use your mouse or keyboard to play the notes.  You can watch the sound waves change each time you hit a different note!  

I've included instructions to play a song below the piano if you want to try that, too!

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"PC's" require Windows95 and Netscape or Explorer 3.0 or higher.

G   D   D      S    D    G   G
Jesus loves me this I know
H    H    K H   H     G    G
For the Bible tells me so
G D   D     S  D     G G
Little ones to Him belong
H       H    G    A   D   S  A
They are weak but He is strong

G    D  G   H      K
Yes Jesus loves me
G    D  A   D      S
Yes Jesus loves me
G    D  G   H      K
Yes Jesus loves me
H    G A   D    S    A
The Bible tells me so

To play "Jesus Loves Me", use your mouse or keyboard to click the following keys (these are the letters to play on your computer keyboard...piano keys have letters, too, but they only go from A to G!)




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