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Take away as many red balls as you can by jumping over them into an empty space, OR you can try to leave as many balls possible (more than 8).
Playing the Game

1. You can move the ball by jumping over another ball, and these balls must be in line.

help1.gif (3905 bytes)

2. And then a ball is taken away!!

help2.gif (3787 bytes)

bulletClick and drag the ball you want to move.
bulletMove the ball to the place (hole) you want to put it. (The ball will follow your cursor)
bulletRelease the ball in the hole.
bulletYou will see the ball you jumped over taken away.
bulletClick "UNDO" and "REDO" anytime you want. (This game is not a matter of life and death. :-) )
bulletClick the "NEW GAME" button anytime, and you can start a new game (The hole will be chosen randomly).


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